Boarding Daycare

Daycare Services

*Our furry babies are required to be up to date on FVRCP, Rabies, & Fleas or Ticks shots

*Cats have to be neutered or spayed to play in our play center or will be secluded


  • Bring own food or use our House Food Meow Mix/Friskes (+5.00 charge)
  • Full Day: $30.00 (if your pet stays after 7:30 , there will be a charge of $10.00 for that night)
  • Additional Cat: $10.00 (siblings)
  • Half-A-Day (4 hours or less): $15.00
  • Out of Towners: $50.00 ( Flat rate with house food included but will be charged $10.00 a day boarding fee if staying more than 1 day)


  • Per night: $30 (bring own food or charge for house food $5, own litter or use house litter $10)
  • Additional Cat: $10 (siblings ONLY)
  • Late Pick-up: $20 (after 7:30pm M-F & Sat. 1:30pm pickup fee)

    *Cats have to be neutered/spayed or will be secluded as well for bed time
    * On Sundays there is only Pickup option if boarded.

Mobile Grooming

AriPurrfect Palace is dedicated to the highest quality of daycare, boarding and grooming services delivering with thoughtfulness, trust, and empathy